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This site is devoted to classical homeopathy.
the homeopathic doctor  

Homeopathic treatment

in detail.

      If you need only homeopathic consultation, you can go to any other homeopathic site, but if you need:
     1. High professionalism
     2. Treatment of the difficult cases.
     3. The consultation of the internationally known homeopathic doctor Mahesh Gandhi.
     4. The combination of psychology and homeopathy.
     5. The good homeopathic remedies.
     6. The long monitoring of recovery process without additional payment,
      Come to our homeopathic center.

      Every patient can find what is the best for him and receive optimal treatment. Besides, the editors of the site are planning to write new information about homeopathy, discuss different ideas and extend views about possibilities of this method.

Homeopathic treatment:

homeopathic treatment  
The price of the beginning homeopathic course of treatment - 4500 рублей.

The discount 500 rubles for every patient if two and more members of one family will treat together.

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homeopathic treatment of gynaecological diseases:
myomas, cysts of uterus and ovary, disorders of menstrual periods, climacteric disorders;

homeopathic treatment of internal diseases:
sugar diabetis, artritis, artrosis, cystitis, bronchitis, gastritis, meteorism, diseases of kidneys, homeopathy for treating obesity,

homeopathic treatment of adenoids, chronical otits, chronical pharingitis, chronical laryngitis, sinusitis, different forms of hearing loss,

homeopathic treatment of endocrine glands diseases:
tumors of thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism,

homeopathic treatment of skin diseases:
chronical neurodermatitis, chronical neurodermatosis, psoriasis, common acne, acne congloba and pustulosa, eczema, rosacea, allergic skin eruptions, herpetic eruptions, hair loss,

homeopathic treatment of vascular diseases:
venous insufficiency, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, vegetoasthenic syndrome,

homeopathic treatment of psychiatric diseases:
homeopathic treatment  
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homeopathic treatment of panic attacks, alchoholism, compulsive disorders, epileptic states, depression, impotency.

homeopathy for children:
treatment of hyperactivity, problems with concentration, mental and speech retardation, enuresis and etc.

homeopathic treatment of psychological problems: fears, jelousy, anger, laziness and etc.

If your doctor can't treat your disease, you confused and need support, you can rely upon proffessional skills of our homeopathic doctor and step by step you"ll get recovery.

Why I am treating by homeopathy?

Different patients who had got good results answered this question.

Victoria, owner of the shop.
Homeopathy is good for me. it is not spoiling my organism by chemistry products. I started homeopathy treatment 15 years ago because my son had bronchial asthma. After him all my family started to treat by homeopathy. I trust my homeopathic doctor Marina Gashkova. It means a lot for me. Now all my relatives and friends are treating by homeopathy because all members of the family have interconnectivity. We cured asthmatic fits, and if we have acute states, we are finishing them very quickly. My husband had melanoma. We avoided depresion and complications after operation and chemotherapy. Melanoma was operated 10 years ago. Homeopathic treatment helped my husband to overcome this disease.
doctor Gandhi's school  
Doctor Gandhi's homeopathic school

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Elena, designer.
My weak point is my liver. Before homeopathic treatment I took a lot of allopathic medicines. They didn't help me. If I treat by allopathic medicines for long my liver will be destroyed. I consider homeopathic treatment more serious than other methods. The Queen of England is also treating by homeopathy. Her look and health are very good. Such people like she are understanding how to support the health state. I decided to follow this method of treatment too.

Elena, accountant.
I dislike to be treated by chemistry. My daughter received a lot of allopathic tablets but it didn't help her. I prefer to be treated longer but with better effect. I dislike the point of view to take a tablet and forget about everything. Such way can only suppress disease. Homeopathy is treating much deeper. My daughter have good progress with homeopathy. Psychiatrist told me that her state will never improve and my daughter will be treated all her life and won't receive good education. Now her mental state is ok. I do my best to support her physical state. Her appetite is not good and I control her immune system. She is a student of Moscow University. She is studing very hard and living without allopathic medicines. We are using homeopathy to prevent diseases and support health state.

Elena, professor.
I can give six reasons why I prefer homeopathy.
The first reason. Allopathic medicines can be toxic. Homeopathy is never toxic. There are many cases where allopathic medicines were spoiled or with many bad by-effects. We have risk by taking allopathy.
The second reason. The homeopathic treatment has principle of changing the whole organism, it is not treating the only organ. The treatment of all organism is more effective. Allopathy is treating the single elements of organism, so we are going to different doctors (neurologist, cardiologist and etc.). I have pain in my joints, but the reason is not there. It is deeper in metabolism. Homeopathy helped me to treat pain in joints. Now I can walk much longer.
The third reason. I have a friend, who had fits of high blood pressure. His doctor said that he should take allopathic medicines permanenty to maintain the health. My friend answered that he dislikes to be dependent from anything, so he will search another ways to restore the health.
The forth reason. Homeopathy is helping when allopathy is not working, so homeopathy is more effective.
The fifth reason. Homeopathic treatment is good for immune system.
The sixth reason. Homeopathy is increasing optimism. I started to feel myself much stronger and took failure as а intermediate step. Many people feel apathy. Optimism is coming when a person is starting to feel that he is recovering.

Tatiana, doctor.
I am treating by homeopathy and also can give six reasons for it.
The first reason. Homeopathic treatment can be endured easily.
The second reason. Homeopathic treatment is effective!!! The effect can be compared or even higher than other methods of treatment.
The third reason. The homeopathic treatment can be combined with other methods of treatment.
The forth reason. There are no contraindications for homeopathy.
The fifth reason. Homeopathic remedies are not expensive.
The sixth reason. Homeopathy has principle of whole body treatment by one remedy. Homeopathy is combining the achievements of west medicine and east phylosophy.