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About the Director and the leading Doctor at the center.

Gashkova Marina Ivanovna graduated from Moscow Medical Academy of I.M. Sechenov in 1987. From 1987 through 1989 was practicing medicine as an otolaryngologyst. Doctor of the first category.

Dr. Gashkova practices homeopathy since 1989, after a successful completion of course on homeopathy with the Soviet homeopathic league of Dr. V.G.Glaz. She also attended the academy of Dr. Vitulkas's.

Dr. Gashkova participated in all yearly homeopathic seminars in India (Goa), where she also studied at the homeopathic school under the management of Dr. Sankaran. She participates in seminars of Dr. Sholten in Holland and Moscow. She, herself, reads lectures and makes yearly reports at the international homeopathic congress in Moscow. Dr. Gashkova reads lectures on the regular bases at the central homeopathic school and in the homeopathic center OF "OLLO" since 1993.

All the of the practicing doctors at theФAsterias CenterФ are registered Medical Doctors, who have in the passed attended the school and have studies homeopathy with Dr Gashkova .

The center has monthly publications, where one can find articles writtenby Dr. Gashkova and some of her students. A number of the articles on homeopathy were printed in the following journal: "Practical homeopathy", in international quorterly "Homeopathic links", "Homeopathic newspaper"and "Practical homeopathyФ.

Dr.Gashkova may carry therapeutic sessions with her clients in English language.Ф

Homeopathy doctor Elena Valerievna Sidorenko.

She graduated from the second Moscow medical university of Pirogov in the speciality pediatrics and after that she worked in the Filatovskaya children's clinical hospital in1989. From 1990 till 2004 she worked at the Scientifically- consultative department of the institute of the cardiovascular surgery of Bakulev. She has a specialization in cardiology and treated adults and children with the functional and organic diseases of heart and vessels. Since 2000 she worked at the office of functional diagnostics. She finished homeopathic course in 2001 and worked as homeopathic doctor in OOO УDoctor NФ She is the doctor of the highest category