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About Homeopathy.

Homeopathy was invented by German doctor Samuel Hanemann two hundred years ago. S. Hanemann had a large family, and so he had to earn additional money translating medical literature from foreign languages. Translating article about the cinchona bark, he mentioned that the symptoms, which causes this remedy in the experiments, coincide with the symptoms, which were in it, when he suffered from malaria. This observation of Hanemann made possible the brilliant discovery, that similar must be treated by similar. This principle is old as a World, and people frequently use it, saying that it is necessary to knock out wedge by wedge.

Hanemann also made many experiments, with his students and colleagues and came to the following important discovery: the principle of small doses. The organism of a sick human is more sensitive to the medicines, than the organism of healthy one, and so the soft treatment with micro-doses of medicines is sufficient. These doses are harmless. Human organism does not poison by chemical substances (in homeopathy it is used only natural raw material: the plants, the products of animals, the minerals), it does not suffer from the allergy). In Germany Hanemann was not appreciated, but he received the world glory, after moving to Paris to his young wife, after curing her from the severe chronic disease.

Homeopathy received further development by the work of the great homoeopathists K. Hering and D T Kent. K. Hering formulated fundamental laws and principles of homeopathic treatment, enriched homeopathy with very important remedies, for example, by the medicine, prepared from snakes surukuku poison. This remedy is very important in the treatment of climacteric problems. D. T. Kent did the reversed work to Hanemann. He named it Repertorization. In this work each symptom, which was fixed in the proves or the practical work of homoeopaths corresponds one or several homeopathic remedies, to which the doctor focuses attention, selecting the way of treatment.

In the history of homeopathy there are many cases of curing from the severe diseases. During the cholera epidemic in England at the beginning of XIX centuries the Queen divided patients into two parts. Some patients were treated by the usual methods, and others - only homeopathically. Mortality among the first group of patients was 70 percents, and among those, who was treated homeopathically - 11 percents. The Queen appreciated the successes of homeopaths and opened the homeopathic hospital in London, which exists to nowadays. The Queen of England came to the decision to treat her family homeopathically, and royal families of England, Belgium have personal homoeopaths since that time.

The great Russian surgeon N. I. Pirogov never left his homeopathic first-aid pharmacy, and his phenomenal successes partly should be made due to homeopathy. V. I. Dal the author of the explanatory dictionary was also well-known as homoeopathic doctor. The famous Russian religious philosopher and writer A. S. Homyakov, the friend of Pushkin and Gogol, treated their peasants by homeopathy. Mitrapolit Serafim Chichagov, who was killed in 1937 and added by the Russian Orthodox Church to holy (Novomuchenik) of Russia was also the famous Russian homoeopathic doctor and the author of Medical conversations. Half of this book was about homeopathic remedies.

In Soviet time the effectiveness of homeopathy was often tested by the official medicine. These tests always confirmed the successes in treatment. They proved harmlessness and high quality of homeopathic remedies, prepared only from the natural raw material, from plants, products of animals and minerals. Homeopathic medicines are prepared in the special drugstores and the laboratories, where there are very high demands to material and technology.

Now Homeopathy entered the new stage of its development. The work of the Greece academy leaded by D. Vitulkas, the Bombay school of homeopathy, the work of I. Sholten in Holland, the school of doctor A. Mazi in France, and also the work of other prominent homeopathic doctors enriched by new methods, approaches to the treatment, were introduced hundreds of new important medicines. In the arsenal of homeopathy there are more than 7 thousand remedies which is considerably more than in the arsenal of usual medicine.

Homeopathy makes possible to test people health more deeply. We used to see that allopathic diagnostic system finished by the formulation of the diagnosis, for Homeopathy it is only the beginning.

Patients are usually came to Homeopathic treatment after other forms of treatment. They know their diagnosis and have data of numerous tests. After learning the diagnosis, homeopathic doctor asks the patient to describe the physical complaints in details. Very important knowledge is time when a disease began, what discomfort was at the beginning and later. Physical complaints are usually connected with the emotional state, and so further doctor discusses emotional state, special features of the personality, fears, dreams, stresses. Such approach makes possible to see distortions in the perception of the reality, which can be compared with the interferences in the television. After or during an interview a doctor uses computer for repertorization of symptoms. Computer technology is used by homeopathic doctors in many countries of the World. It makes possible to use the bigger information for more detailed Repertorization.