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Homeopathic center Asterias is holding the

9-th seminar by Dr. M. Gandhi Psychiatry and Homeopathy"

May,29 - June,1 2010

About the Seminar:

Patients with mental illness present particular challenges to the homoeopath, not least because of the necessity of collaboration with allopathic practitioners. However, mental illnesses are almost as prevalent as heart disease and cancer, so we can expect to see an increasing number of these patients. It is incumbent on us to be prepared. As an experienced homoeopath with a specialist allopathic background, Dr. Mahesh Gandhi is in a unique position to bring to bear the insight and knowledge of both fields to help his patients regain full and meaningful lives. Mahesh has vast an experience in treating patients with diagnosis both common and potentially catastrophic such as depression, anxiety disorder, addiction and schizophrenia. He will share some of his experience in the seminar.

Along the way he will also cover other related topics:

  • Where homoeopathic philosophy and conventional thinking diverge regarding psychiatric disorders.
  • The value of the official diagnosis and other tools used by allopath.
  • Whether and when to recommend, change or discontinue allopathic medication.
  • Working with other mental health professionals.
  • Long term prognosis and care.

Mahesh uses the methods pioneered by Sankaran and presented in the System of Homoeopathy. He will show how patients can be guided to talk about the source of the remedy they require, using tools such as kingdom, levels and miasms.

The seminar are arranged twice a year for experienced homeopaths.

The participation fee is - 300 euro.

Apply to doctor Marina Gashkova for any organization points.

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The detailed information about dr. Gandhi's seminar "Homeopathy in psychiatry" you can read on the site

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